Metamorphosis of Her Mind (I) (The Beginning)

She never felt like she fitted in anywhere. She never felt right. She never felt special. She never could.

Her father had nicknames for all her sisters but her. It wasn’t a big deal to anyone. They didn’t even notice but it hurt her deeply. It still does. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, special at least once in a while but not her.

When she went to secondary school, they took away whatever good feeling she had about herself. They never failed to tell her how ugly she was. How stupid, how weird, how daft, how style-less, how shapeless she was… It was her air. She breathed those words everyday, everytime. They never left her mind. They still hunt her.They probably don’t even know what they’ve done to her. When she’d write about it with poetry in school they’d laugh at her. They probably don’t even remember her. They don’t know the mind they destroyed and the monster they created. They’d probably still laugh…

When she tries to look pretty, tries to wear nice clothes, tries to make up. No matter how hard she tries, when she looks in the mirror and tries to tell herself she looks good. The voices in her head come around. You’re ugly, you look terrible. When she starts to feel good around people, the voices tell her; no one likes you. They might just be pretending to you…




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