Purely Physical 

…”but baby I love you.” He said to me with what looked like hurt in his eyes. I couldn’t tell anymore.

“I thought so too but when you love someone you don’t sleep with someone else” I replied starting my statement softly and ending it with a shout.


“Just go. I need some time to think” I finally uttered after a deep sigh. He left.

He said she meant nothing, it was purely physical. Purely physical?! Purely physical?!

You see, at this point it wasn’t so much about the pain and hurt as about the confusion in my thought…

How could it be just physical? How? What we had was magic. It was powerful. Our bodies became one, our souls met, or at least that’s how I felt.

Did he touch her the way he touched me?

Did he kiss her the way he kissed me?

Did he whisper into her ear “Oh fuck, I love you” when she wrapped her legs around him?

Was she anything like me?

Purely physical huh? I could try that.

The thing is, Bayo was the only pleasure I had ever known but that night, that was about to change. I was going clubbing with the girls and I was going to try ‘purely physical’

Now I was whining and grinding on this perfect stranger I had known for about 3 hours with at least 2 hours 55 minutes of those spent on body contact.

We danced to the rhythm and pressed his body to mine

Now my senses are screaming, take me home tonight.

In what seemed like a minute we were in his house

I was a little unsure how much liquor I had put in my mouth

“I’m about to show you the time of your life” he said as he led me to the couch.

Shoes came off first, then up went clothes

Until I laid there like a new born to the world exposed

How could this be purely physical when I could feel his hands on my soul.

Between moans of pleasure I couldn’t help to think how different it felt.

Now don’t get me wrong the sex was amazing. I mean the brother could work. I just couldn’t help but think about how strange it was. How could it be purely physical when every touch sparks up a wave of confusing emotions? All I’m thinking right now is how he’s not you.

So keep your physical

I’ll hold on to my magical

I know I might shed a tear or two

But I choose to be with you…


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