Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey.. Lana Del Rey… *deep breath*  Her music. Her music.. Her music… *screams* I’m trying to bring myself to put down actual words about her music. Amazing doesn’t do justice to it. They are pills for my ears. It’s way too beautiful. Her mind freeing sound, her mind piercing lyrics, her soul calling voice, her poisonous rhythm. I can’t believe there can be so much beauty in one person’s music. So music soul. So much passion. She’s a drug. A different brand of high on its own.

I just got introduced to her not too long ago and I’m so pissed at myself wondering where she’s been all my life. The pictures she paints with music are simply unbelievable. She’s in my mind. I finally found her. She’s too familiar not to connect with at first listen. She’s one of the people in my head(I’ll probably have to explain the people in my head some other times)

Ultrarviolence is… it’s… it’s just… *screams again* who does this? Who fuck’n does this? I’m gone. She just takes you deeper and farther away with every song until you fade away and begin to float in the air. This album is dangerously, infectiously, poisonously amazing. I have to go and find all her works. All of them. Explore, mind travel some more. I want to see where else she’ll take me.


*N.B: If you listen to her when you’re really high you might just start crying without knowing why. You won’t even understand where it’s taking you. It’s not a feeling that can be explained.


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