I build my walls with care

I make my gate in fear

Iron bars and concrete fences

No one will ever get in

I refuse to be like them,

Whose house have free entry

People come in and leave it destroyed

Then they have to build again.

My walls will never break

I will never be like them.


You come bearing gifts to melt my ice house

To bring light and spring to this house of darkness and gloom.

I let you only into the first of many gates.

I leave you standing, watching you not to break a thing

Waiting for you to leave quickly so you don’t get passed the next gate

Because I see the deceit, I smell the lies always.

As soon as you leave I make my gates tougher than before.

Harder for another to get in.

Once again I’m alone and at peace in my cold and dark house.

Until the day the gates shut, never to open again.


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