My Music Talk

I’ve never met a single soul who has my taste in music. Never. They always just like some parts and absolutely hate the others. People tend to like certain genres of music. Putting music into little boxes picking and choosing what’s right for who and when. That’s musical discrimination. Different sounds serve different purposes to the mind at different times. Music is my palette of colors with sound for my brushes and my mind is my canvas. I paint my perfect pictures with the sounds my mind is pleased with each times;Reggae, Highlife, Hip-hop, Pop, Afrobeat, Jazz, RnB, Rap, e.t.c. High or Low, Happy or Sad, Pleased or Upset, there’s a sound for every moment. Music is my go to guy. Music is always there for me. It never fails me. It takes my mind to places I really want to be. With the sounds I know who I am, who I should be. A lot of people say with words like this I should be listening to deep music with deep meaning but believe it or not there are times when all that can save me are songs we could call ‘shallow’ with no meaning in its lyrics and those may just be my medicine at that time so believe me when I say I am open to any and every kind of music. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t say I like every song. My ears just happen to fall in love at random.

Let’s review albums, misxtapes, tracks. How they work with the mind. Let’s see if I can tap into yours here on MUSIC TALK with Mia…




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